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Numerical control processing center servo system failure processing method

Release time:2018-09-06 07:29:23  Viewed:

The failure modes of servo system in nc machining center include abnormal alarm lamp on speed unit in nc, fusing and jumping switch for protection. Nc machining center servo system is to provide power to the machine tool system, no servo system of nc machining center, cannot be carried out on the workpiece machining, so the servo system is very important in the numerical control processing center, servo system is a failure, the entire production has to stop, the following is the common fault of CNC machining center servo system solutions.

The meaning of the warning light varies with the design of the speed control unit. Generally, there are the following:

1. Start alarm of protective switch, which is a device to protect the machine. For example, large voltage will burn some components and other emergency measures that cannot be controlled by the machine.

2. Too low voltage leads to machine alarm, which is rare in machining center, which may be caused by the input voltage below the rated value of 85 percent, or poor power connection.

3. The alarm is caused by the feedback route fault of detection speed, which is wrong because the airport has no problem and the detection feedback system has a problem. The alarm is mostly caused by the speed feedback line fault of the CNC servo motor in the processing center or the poor contact of the detection feedback line.

4. Overload alarm. The reasons for overload alarm include abnormal load of nc machine in machining center, or too low setting of upper limit value of motor current on speed control unit. If the permanent magnet on the permanent magnet motor falls off, the overload alarm will be caused. If the numerical control motor without brake in the machining center is idle, it will be hard to turn it by hand or when the rotation axis turns, that is to say, the permanent magnet falls off completely.

5. Fuse burning or circuit breaker tripping on nc speed control unit of machining center.

6. High current causes machine tool alarm. There are two possibilities when high current alarm occurs, that is, the power drive element on the nc speed control unit of machining center is damaged and the large current alarm is caused by short circuit.

7. High voltage can also lead to machine alarm. There are three possibilities for high voltage alarm.

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